Why Sponsor a Pickleball Website?

Engaged and Growing Audience

Pickleball is recognized as the fastest-growing sport in the United States, captivating players and enthusiasts across a broad spectrum of age groups. This inclusive sport has not only seen remarkable growth but also attracted individuals from all walks of life, making it a phenomenon across generations. Our website is at the forefront of this trend, engaging a vibrant community of pickleball players that spans generations. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), pickleball's rapid ascent is backed by significant participation increases across various age brackets, highlighting its universal appeal. This dynamic growth presents a unique opportunity for sponsors looking to connect with a broad and engaged audience in the heart of America's fastest-growing sport.

Affluent Audience Profile

Pickleball followers predominantly come from higher and middle-income brackets, making them an ideal audience for brands looking to target consumers with significant purchasing power. YouGov Profiles data reveals that Pickleball followers are more likely to hail from higher (22% vs. 8%) and middle-income brackets (42% vs. 35%) than the general population.

High Interaction with Sponsored Content

Two in five Pickleball followers engage with sponsored content, significantly more than the general sports audience. This high level of interaction translates to greater brand visibility and impact for your products. Specifically, 40% of Americans who follow or watch Pickleball obtain more information about a product after seeing sponsored content at an event, compared to just over a tenth of all sports fans (11%).

Increased Purchase Intent

Pickleball followers are twice as likely to purchase products seen in sponsored content, both online and offline, compared to general sports fans. This shows a direct pathway from sponsorship to sales, with 34% of Pickleball followers likely to purchase sponsored products online and 36% offline, versus 15% and 14% of general sports fans, respectively.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

A significant portion of our audience prefers buying from socially and environmentally responsible companies, offering an excellent opportunity for brands with strong CSR initiatives. Three-quarters of the targeted subset try to purchase products from such companies, compared to two-fifths of the general public (74% vs. 41%).


Sponsoring our Pickleball website provides access to a dynamic, affluent, and engaged audience that not only follows the sport but also actively participates in its community. With high interaction rates and a strong inclination towards endorsed products, your brand can leverage this opportunity to significantly boost its visibility and sales. For more insights, visit SFIA's 2023 State of Pickleball report.

Exclusive Early Sponsor Opportunity

As a token of our appreciation for the early supporters of our local pickleball community, we are honored to offer the Legacy Sponsor status. This prestigious title is exclusively available to sponsors who join us in the pivotal year of 2024.

Legacy Sponsor Exclusive Benefit

  • Permanent Citation: As a Legacy Sponsor, your company’s sponsorship will be permanently recognized on our sponsors page. This is a one-time opportunity to etch your support into the foundation of our community, showcasing your commitment to the growth and success of local pickleball for years to come.

Please note, while we endeavor to maintain our website and the Legacy Sponsor citations for as long as possible, circumstances beyond our control (such as technological changes, hosting issues, or organizational decisions) may impact our ability to continue operations indefinitely. We reserve the right to modify, relocate, or discontinue our website and/or the Legacy Sponsor program at any time, and by becoming a Legacy Sponsor, you acknowledge and accept these conditions.

Bronze Sponsor


  • Company name listed on sponsors page
  • Link to company website
  • Name, Address, Phone number citation

Silver Sponsor


  • Company logo in carousel on homepage
  • Company logo and bio on sponsors page
  • Discount code for banner ads
  • Plus Bronze Sponsor Features

Gold Sponsor


  • Only One Sponsorship Available
  • Exclusive logo in top header of homepage
  • Premium placement on sponsor page
  • Plus Silver Sponsor Features

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